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ThinkstScapes Overview

ThinkstScapes is a subscription service for Information Security Decision Makers.

The information security landscape is littered with noise and "breaking news", with new developments in Research (and old Research in new clothes). ThinkstScapes is about bringing clarity to this picture.

Vendor sponsored Intelligence Reports are common place, but are they trust worthy? Headlines are plentiful but are mostly built for hype. ThinkstScapes subscribers receive vendor neutral reports on key events and research findings as they occur with full context, commentary and guidance.

If you need to keep up to date with the industry, but are struggling with the sheer quantity of information out there, then ThinkstScapes is for you. (Click here for Pricing & Subscription Details)

How it Works?

A ThinkstScapes report is sent out to cover conferences and published research every quarter, with adhoc reports sent out multiple times during the year.

Recent reports

Ten reports are issued in a year, and we track them below. Five of these old reports are available without registration, demonstrating our consistent quality and insight. Look for the links in the list.

  • 2014-AH1: Annual Predictions: 2013 Recap and 2014 Roundup
  • 2013-AH5: Public Service Announcement (PSA): RSA & the NSA
  • 2013-AH4: Tor Browser Hack
  • 2013-Q3: Research & Conference Round Up
  • 2013-AH3: Catching up with Snowden
  • 2013-AH2: HTP, the 90's and You
  • 2013-Q2: Research & Conference Round Up
  • 2013-AH2: HTP, the 90's and You
  • 2013-Q1: Research & Conference Round Up
  • 2013-AH1: China Did It
  • 2012-AH6: 2012: Year in Review
  • 2012-Q4: Research & Conference Round Up
  • 2012-AH5: Contrasting approaches: CrowdStrike and FlipIt
  • 2012-AH4: Adobe Hacked & Adobe Hacked & You
  • 2012-Q3: Research & Conference Round Up
  • 2012-AH3: Bluehat Prize
  • 2012-AH2: Flame, Flamer, Flamiest?
  • 2012-Q2: Research & Conference Round Up
  • 2012-AH1: Malware, Macs and Maybes
  • 2012-Q1: Research & Conference Round Up
  • Quarter-3: Research & Conference Round Up
  • Quarter-2: Research & Conference Round Up
  • Lessons from LulzSec
  • Quarter-1: Research & Conference Round Up
  • Verizon DBIR-2011 & You
  • ComodoGate, SSL & Iran
  • PWN2OWN - What it Means to You

Why Thinkst?

Thinkst Analysts have been a regular feature at Conferences and Training worldwide since 2002, and have been synthesizing this information for clients and internal teams for a decade. ThinkstScapes now makes this information available at much more reasonable prices in the form of concise (but comprehensive) reports.

Thinkst is an independent Applied Research Company with a deep focus on information security. This means that ThinkstScapes will never be a veiled attempt to sell you services or push more anti-malware solutions. Thinkst's independence means that we don't have a vested interest in playing up or down the nature of a threat. ThinkstScapes exists to bring clarity to the chaos and to improve the signal to noise ratio.


ThinkstScapes is delivered in the form of PDF reports and is sold as a one year subscription.

1 Year Subscription $ 8000 USD
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(This guarantees the subscriber a minimum of 10 reports in the subscription period)

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