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Know. When it matters!

Most companies find out way too late that they have been breached. Even with millions of dollars invested in security, over-worked admins and ignored alerts do little to help.

But what if there were a simpler, more reliable signal than malware signatures? Wouldn't you want to know if someone was opening 'passwords.xls' on \\NetworkTeam_FS1, or brute-forcing an SSH server on your DataBase segment?

Thinkst Canary can be deployed in under 3 minutes (even on complex networks) and is a clear, high quality marker of compromise. Know. When it Matters.

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(Sold in 2018)

Phish your users, before someone else does

Phishing attacks work. Despite (hundreds of) thousands of dollars spent on border defences and filtering technology, targeted Phishing campaigns are easy to pull off, near impossible to stop and can be devastating to targeted organisations.

Phish5 is a software as a service platform that lets you log in and launch sophisticated, repeatable phishing campaigns in under 5 minutes.

Find out which users in your organisation clicked the Phishing link, which users submitted credentials, and even which users are running vulnerable and outdated browsers. Phish5 is great at giving you spot reports, and at helping you drive down the number of vulnerable users in your organisation by bolstering security training sessions.

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