In 2019 we tracked over 1,700 distinct security conferences - How do you keep up?

The information security landscape is littered with noise and "breaking news". It easily becomes overwhelming. ThinkstScapes is about bringing clarity to this picture.


Vendor sponsored Intelligence Reports are commonplace, but are they trustworthy? Headlines are plentiful but are mostly built for hype. ThinkstScapes readers receive vendor neutral reports on key events and research findings as they occur with context, commentary and guidance.

Is this free?

Completely! No annoying paywall. No vendor email-address collection. Free. (As in beer).
ThinkstScapes used to be a paid-for service. We have now opened it up free to the world (and even opened up previous issues).

Download issues as a PDF file or you can listen to the audio summary.

Why Thinkst?

Thinkst researchers have been a regular feature at Conferences worldwide since 2002, and have been synthesizing this information for clients and internal teams for nearly two decades. ThinkstScapes makes this information available to everyone in the form of concise (but comprehensive) reports.

ThinkstScapes is provided free, by the people who build the much loved Thinkst Canary and the widely used Canarytokens.